Pet Insurance

Affordable veterinary care is becoming increasingly difficult to find, especially after hours. Although we are doing our best to keep cost down at AVC, we believe pet insurance to be an important part of the equation in helping pet owners care for their pet. Circumstances that are unexpected create the most amount of stress for owners. Insurance can at least minimize the financial stress while allowing everyone to focus on the problem at hand.

We have tried to do the homework for you to find 2 companies that are good options:

 Accidental Only   $15/month

*covers accidents only

-foreign body ingestion

-broken legs


-insect sting

-porcupine quills

*any age is covered


AVC does not recommend the ASPCA for full medical!

Full Medical    $45/month

* accidents AND medical conditions

*covers hereditary conditions

*pets must be 7 years old or younger


 AVC recommends getting a pet on this plan by 6 years of age