MRI patient Abby

Abby is a lovely, joyous Frenchie with an unusual condition … diabetes insipidus (not to be confused with diabetes mellitus which requires insulin). Abby’s condition requires that she receive medication every 8 hours to help her concentrate her urine. For some dogs, this is due to something that they were born with. For others it can be due to head trauma or possibly a small growth on the pituitary gland. MRI is a great way to get this answered.  For Abby, MRI will help her veterinarian determine if surgery could be an option.

Abby getting her scanAbby arrived this morning full of spunk and ready to go! She was given a little sedative and an injection of anesthesia. Her brain was scanned repeatedly without and with contrast agent. The images will be submitted to a neurologist for interpretation so that Abby’s veterinarian can help determine the next best step. Stay tuned as we update you with results!

At $975, about 1/3rd the cost of many MRI procedures (high field), we hope to be able to help Abby and pet owners get answers to help them live a better life.

Here’s Abby after her procedure!

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