Low-field MRI … Safe, Affordable, and Diagnostic!


This highly diagnostic addition to AVC’s imaging department now allows for screening and localization of brain lesions. Often pets present to the ER or their veterinarian for further evaluation after a neurologic event such as seizure or unsteady gait. MRI offers the best means for evaluating the brain to determine if there is a structural cause for the clinical signs. MRI scan, like CT, requires anesthesia. The images take approximately 1 1/2 hours to acquire and are submitted to a neurologist for interpretation. This is a day procedure. Pets come in during the morning and leave in the afternoon.

Although traditional high-field MRI has the advantage of being faster, it is much more expensive, has the potential to cause thermal injury to small patients, and may compromise a patient’s hearing due to the very high noise created during the procedure. And because of its high cost, most owners are less likely to look for early disease.

If you would like to learn more about low-field MRI, we welcome your questions; we can be contacted either through email info@avcnh.com or by phone 603.669.2002.

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