Emergency Veterinary Care in Concord & Manchester NH

In the human ER, timely and targeted diagnostics can make all the difference. This is even more true in a veterinary ER, since our pets cannot tell us exactly how they are feeling or where it hurts.

At AVC, with 24/7 access to advanced diagnostics including ultrasound, CT (“CAT Scan”), digital radiography, and in-house blood work, we can get your pet on the right track quickly with the appropriate care — saving you time, money, and unnecessary stress.

In both of our veterinary emergency facilities (Concord and Manchester) our doctors and staff are passionate about what they do and will care for your pet as they would their own. They are also here for you to lend their knowledge and help you make educated decisions about your pet’s care.

We understand the importance of affordability in emergency care for pets and are passionate about that too. Money-constraints are a reality that in the veterinary ER can, sadly, become a matter of life and death. We strive to combine top-notch care with “tight-ship” affordability. We also believe in transparency and are not afraid to talk about our prices. Our exam fee is $88. Diagnostic ultrasound is $290 (all-inclusive). A foreign body surgery — including hospitalization and all treatments — usually runs about $1,700. To review more sample prices, please click here

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