Veterinary Ultrasound in Concord & Manchester NH

ultrasound for pets, NH

Diagnostic ultrasound is available at both AVC locations
(Concord & Manchester NH)
7 days per week


We have sophisticated 4-probe systems, allowing us to scan anything from very small organs, such as thyroid glands in cats, to very large organs, such as liver in large dogs. Anesthesia is not required to perform an ultrasound exam.

Cost is $290 all-inclusive.

Ultrasound is useful for evaluating the following conditions:

  • liver and kidney disease
  • immune mediated disease (anemia, low platelets)
  • tumors of the spleen and other organs
  • unexplained weight loss
  • vomiting or diarrhea
  • heart disease
  • adrenal gland disease such as Cushing’s
  • blood in the urine or chronic bladder infections
  • unexplained elevation of calcium level in the blood

Current blood work is always helpful at the time of ultrasound for a sick pet. If blood work has been recently performed, please provide the results at the time of the scan.

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