Veterinary CT Scan in Manchester NH


CT Scan for dogs and cats is available at AVC Manchester 7 days per week.

Cost is $975 all-inclusive.

CT Scan for Pets is available at AVC Manchester 7 days per week. It is an excellent diagnostic tool providing sharp images of lung, nasal passages, middle and inner ear, as well as skull.  It is also very useful for some abdominal and orthopedic conditions.  CT scans provide much better differentiation between bone and soft tissue than conventional radiographs. This slice-based technology avoids the superimposition of structures that occurs with radiology.

Images are obtained without and with intravenous contrast. Lesions of concern will generally exhibit a ‘blush’ after contrast is given. The images are reviewed and then submitted to a radiologist for interpretation. If a lesion is visualized, depending on location, samples can usually be obtained with the patient still under anesthesia. Sometimes ultrasound is used along with CT in guiding sample biopsies. Rhinoscopy is often used in conjunction with CT to obtain tissue samples.

A typical pet presenting in need of CT may have an unexplained nose bleed, a swelling of one or both eyes, a head tilt, fever and discomfort of the spine. Therapy is then directed at the specific condition.

We find pet owners to be relieved once they get information about their pets ailment and a specific plan can be discussed.

General anesthesia is usually required for CT. We often will use a short-acting anesthetic so that the patient can go home soon after the scan has been completed. A heavy sedative, especially for orthopedic conditions, can sometimes be enough.

Please let us know if your pet has any seizure history or allergy to any medications. NSAIDs are anti-inflammatories (often used for arthritis) and may increase tendency for bleeding. We will ask you if your pet has taken NSAIDs recently prior to an anticipated biopsy.

Anesthesia and radiologist interpretation is included in the $975 fee.  Please call us @ 603.669.2002 if you have any questions about CT and whether it might be appropriate for a pet.

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