CPR and First Aid


Did you miss one of our classes in CPR last year? We’ve published our slideshow for you and your pet! It contains useful information to prepare you for the most common emergencies and help you avoid certain emergencies.  Topics covered include:

  • How to stop bleeding
  • Understanding Heat Stroke
  • Choking and the Heimlich
  • When to induce vomiting and how
  • CPR
  • Stocking your First Aid Kit

Stocking Your Pet’s First Aid Kit

  • Phone numbers: ER clinic,  Animal Poison Control Hotline
  • Copy of your pet’s medical record (including medications and vaccines)
  • Gauze – for wrapping wounds or muzzling the injured animal
  • Non-stick bandages, towels or strips of clean cloth – to control bleeding and protect wounds
  • Adhesive tape for securing bandages
  • Hydrogen Peroxide 3% – induce vomiting (**always call your vet or poison control before inducing vomiting)
  • Digital Thermometer to take rectal temp
  • Turkey baster – for giving hydrogen peroxide
  • Muzzle (in an emergency, a soft cloth, nylon or necktie may be used) – if your pet is vomiting, do not muzzle it!
  • Leash – if your pet is capable of walking
  • Splint material:  Tongue depressor, 12” Wooden ruler (or rolled up magazine)
  • Styptic Pencil – stopping blood flow
  • Tweezers
  • Bandage Scissors
  • Instant Ice Packs

Hydrogen Peroxide (always call a veterinarian prior to giving): dose- 1 ml/lb; okay to repeat in 15 minutes if necessary BUT *do not exceed 40 ml total. Do not induce vomiting in a debilitated pet or in a pet that has ingested sharp objects (bones for example).