Blood Drive

canine blood donor
 Blood can be life-saving for a pet
July 16th, 2016 9-2 PM: AVC  Manchester is having a Blood Drive … for people and pets! The Red Cross will have its van outside to take donations and we will be taking blood samples from dogs inside to screen for potential donors. We want this to be a great success. We all know how important and life-saving blood is for humans. It’s the same for dogs (we have a kitty donors already). Blood is only good in storage for 30 days, so we rely on people helping us with their dogs as donors. Please consider! The ideal donor would have the following:
-a pet owner willing to participate
-a calm disposition and not easily stressed
-weigh at least 55 lbs (but not overweight)
-male or female but if female no history of having a litter
-be 6 years old or younger
-not on any medications
For pets donating 4 times per year, the following benefits are available at no charge
-annual blood testing for general organ health(liver/kidney/bone marrow) and infectious disease including heartworm and Lyme
-routine annual exam
-fecal testing for parasites
All donors receive a $35 credit to their account for each donation.
Please email to learn more!