Are pennies poisonous to pets?

Zinc toxicity can be a life-threatening emergency. The most common source of zinc for pets is found in pennies. When the pennies are swallowed the stomach acid causes the dangerous zinc to dissolve and quickly enter the blood stream. 

Ingested pennies need to be removed ASAP! This is done either by causing the pet to vomit or taking the pet to surgery. Once the pennies are removed it will take about 48 hours for the zinc to be eliminated from the blood stream.

We had the worst zinc toxicity case that I have ever seen in my 20+ years of practice. A young dog requiring a lengthy surgery then developed severe anemia requiring an emergency transfusion. After a few days of worry and intensive care we were able to send our little patient home. Her full recovery will still take many more days as the organs begin to repair.

Interesting fact: pennies minted in 1983 and later are composed of 97.3% zinc. Also, ever wonder where money travels before making it to you? Actually, it’s probably better not to think about it :o)

Please be safe!

Dr. Deborah Kelloway


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